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 Trisome Games 2024 - Federations held General Assemblies


JUDOWN had it's first Electoral General Assembly, a great step towards development and intergration.



President – Mario Oliveira, Portugal
Vice President – Adriana Dadci Smoliniec, Poland
Vice President – Poala Baronelli, Italy
Vice President – Hugo Roberto Bensi
Vice President – Johan Orbo, Sweden


2025 Event will be hosted in Sweden



ITTADS Table Tennis Federations under SUDS held it's General Assembly on the 21st March in Antalya, Türkiye.


An election for the Executive Committe took place.


ITTADS Executive Committee:

President – Nuno Machado (POR)
Vice President Administration – Lucie Francová (CZE)
Vice President(s) Competitions – Adrien Dodu / Jacky Simon (FRA)
Sport Technical Director – Marzia Bucca (ITA)
Referees Technical Director – Denver Titus (RSA)





DSIGO, after a hard few years Gymnastics had their first Electoral Assembly.


New Codes have been developed since 2021 and it was time to furthr support the Federation with a leadership structure.


DSIGO Executive Committee:

President – Ensar Kurt, Türkiye
Vice President – Claudio Alacron, Argentina
General Secretary – Allan Chadwick, South Africa
Technical Director MAG – Tullio Bani, Italy
Technical Director WAG – Ada Aurora Puig May, Mexico
Technical Director RG – Luisa Vagliviello, Italy
Member at large – Slav Petkov, Bulgaria



International Down syndrome Sport Federations under SUDS

International Down syndrome Sport Federations under SUDS

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