In 2008 the International Athletics Association for Persons with Down Syndrome (IAADS) was founded. IAADS aims to give athletes with Down syndrome the prospect of competitive sport whilst competing against other athletes with the same abilities.  The 1st World Championships for Athletics was held in Mexico in 2010.  We currently have 20 member countries globally who compete in various track and field items.

Contact: Mary Russiello


4x4 Basketball

 4x4 basketball has been played in streets and gyms for many years. According to an IOC-commissioned study, it is considered to be the number one urban team sport in the world.  IBA21 is 3x3 basketball for players with Down syndrome.  2017 saw the first Basketball Challenge at the SUDS International Championships in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Contact: Fausto Pereira



Futsal is a version of five-a-side football.  It is played indoors, making it popular all year round as weather has no impact. The Football International Federation for players with Down Syndrome hosted its 1st World Championships in Portugal in April 2017.  This event saw numerous countries showing their skills to compete for the title of first world champion.

Contact: Alberto Costa



Down Syndrome International Gymnastics Association (DSIGO) is currently a Development Sport Member of SU-DS. In a 4-year cycle, DSIGO presents the opportunity to compete at a World Championships, as well as the Trisome Games.  Events include items Artistic for Male and Female and Rhythmic gymnastics for Female gymnasts





Judo has its origin in the late 1800's and was formulated as a physical, mental and moral schooling.  JUDOWN, (Judo for Down Syndrome players) is popular in Europe and was 1 of the sport codes featured at the 2016 Trisome Games in Italy.

Contact: Mario Oliveira


Alpine Skiing

Alpine and Nordic Skiing are exciting winter sports that challenge an athlete's coordination and ability by either racing down a mountain or cross country. Skiing for persons with Down Syndrome (SKIDS) aim is to host events for competitors to show their skills



Swimming & Synchronised swimming

The Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (DSISO) was the first of the Down syndrome sport federations.  It was formed in the UK in 2001 with the ojective of equal competition. 

DSISO has provided swimmers with Down syndrome the opportunity to swim at World Class level through its World Championships held every two years. 

There has already been 8 DSISO World Championships - counting down to number 9 in Canada 2018!  Both short and long course, as well as Synchronized swimming - a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, accompanied by music, is catered for.

Barbara Higgins



Table Tennis

Table tennis has been an Olympic sport from 1988, but has been around since the 1800's.  The International Table Tennis Association for persons with Down Syndrome (ITTADS) is the governing body for this sport of skill and focus. South Africa was the proud host of the 1st World championships in 2015


Contact: Nuno Machado




Tennis is one of the Olympic sports and is played by all ages at all levels of society.  It is believed that the game's origin dates back to the 12th century.  Tennis for players with Down syndrome, made its International debut in 2016 at the Trisome Games in Italy.

Contact: Lucié Francova

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