New SUDS Executive Committee elected and signing of Constitution October 2021



The SUDS Constitution, as accepted by the Genaral Assembly in Madeira 2018, has been approved and signed by the new Executive Commitee and General Assembly in Ferrara.


In addition, the following members were voted to the SUDS Executive Committee:

President – Marco Borzacchini

Vice President Admin and Finance – Lizzie Vogel

Vice President Sport – Jose Costa Pereira

Vice President Medical and Registration – Angela Palomba

Vice President Development and Education – Adilson Ramos




In attendance:

l-rf: Lizzie Vogel DSISO, Marco Borzacchini,  José Costa Pereira IAADS


Tessa van Heerden Tsenya,  Mario Oliveira JUDOWN,  Fausto Pereira IBA21, Barbara Higgins DSISO, Alberto Costa FIFDS, Nuno Machado ITTADS



 IAADS - General Assemble Nymburk, Czech Republic 2022

 New President of IAADS - Mr José Costa Pereira (Portugal) , Vice President - Mr Sadettin Akçi (Turkey), Member at large - Mr Slav  Petkov (Bulgaria), Vice President - Lizzie Vogel (South Africa), Administrator - Mariagrazia Russiello (Italy), Technical Director - Joao Duarte (Portugal), Medical Director - Piera Marchettoni (Italy), Member at large - Edson Luiz Martinossi (Brazil)

 Past President IAADS, Mr Marco Borzacchini was awarded IAADS Honorable President for life (recieved on his behalf by Mr Gaspare Majelli, FISDIR)

International Down syndrome Sport Federations under SUDS

International Down syndrome Sport Federations under SUDS

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